Susan D. Day
Associate Professor

  • Ph.D Virginia Tech
  • M.S. Cornell University
  • B.A. Yale University





Amy M. Blood, Ph.D. Student

Amy M. Blood, Ph.D. Student

Project: An Urban Forest Typology for Stormwater Management
Geospatial and Environmental Analysis Graduate Program
  • M.S. Biology, University of Alabama
  • B.S. Marine Science & B.S. Environmental Science, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Cody W. Kiefer, Ph.D. Student

Cody W. Kiefer, Ph.D. Student

Project: Urban Forest Canopy Structure and its Role in Rainfall Interception
BioBuild Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
  • M.S. Horticulture, Auburn University
  • B.S. Animal Sciences, Auburn University

Francisco Javier de la Mota Daniel, Ph.D. Student

Francisco Javier de la Mota Daniel, Ph.D. Student

Project: Water Fluxes in Soil-Pavement Systems: Integrating Trees, Soils and Infrastructure
  • B.S. Agricultural Engineering, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Yujuan Chen, Research Scientist

Yujuan Chen, Research Scientist

Dr. Chen’s research focuses on exploring the urban soil health and the role of urban green spaces. She previously worked with the urban and peri-urban forestry program at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome, Italy as a technical officer. Dr. Chen has unique international development and collaboration experience through working with international organizations, governmental agencies, universities and research institutes.
  • Ph.D. Urban Forestry, Virginia Tech
  • M.S. Ecology, Chinese Academy of Forestry
  • B.S. Horticulture, Beijing Forestry University

Past Graduate Students

Keith O’Herrin. Ph.D. 2016. Urban Forestry at a Crossroads: Development of an Emerging Profession.

Sarah Anetrella. O.M.A.L.S. 2016. Program Effectiveness of Community Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee for Homeless and Low Income Populations

Kate Walker. M.F. 2015. Designing an Urban Forest Inventory System for a Small Municipality: A Case Study of Falls Church, Virginia.

Cene Ketcham. M.S. 2015. Influence of Tree Planting Program Characteristics on Environmental Justice Outcomes.

David K. Mitchell, M.S. 2014. Urban landscape management practices as tools for stormwater mitigation by trees and soils.

Yujuan Chen, Ph.D. 2013. The Influence of Urban Soil Rehabilitation on Soil Carbon Dynamics, Greenhouse Gas Emission, and Stormwater Mitigation.

Rachel Layman, M.S. (Horticulture) 2010. The effect of soil rehabilitation of severely compacted urban soils to optimize tree establishment and growth.

Priscilla J. (Bocskor) Plumb, M.S.  2010. Shade, moisture, and woody vegetation in stormwater management basins: Influence on cattail (Typha spp.) growth and persistence.

William West, M.F. 2010. Identifying Impediments to Completing an Urban Forest Canopy Assessment in Municipalities in the State of Virginia.

Julia Bartens, M.S. (Horticulture) 2006. Trees and structural soil as a stormwater management system in urban settings.