Welcome to Susan Day’s lab at Virginia Tech where we study how the structure and management of urban forest systems affect ecosystem service provision, especially stormwater mitigation and soil- and root-mediated services, such as C sequestration.

Examples of questions we address include: 1) can urban soil management lead to quantifiable changes in stormwater mitigation, whether directly or indirectly; 2) how do canopy structure and companion plantings affect rainfall interception; and 3) how does ground surface management and construction of urban soil/pavement sections affect urban water balance and tree growth. The lab aims to provide information and pragmatic tools to assist policymakers and practicing professionals.

Looking for more on Urban Forestry at Virginia Tech?

This lab is just one aspect of the urban forestry program at Virginia Tech. If you are interested in working with Dr. Eric Wiseman in one of his project arenas, learning about undergraduate programs, or accessing our outreach programs, publications or technology transfer resources, be sure and visit our Urban Forestry at Virginia Tech website.

Prospective Graduate Students

Students can pursue a Ph.D., M.S., or M.F.  through Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. I also advise students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences through their M.S. and Ph.D. programs in horticulture and the OMALS program. Students may also interact with various interdisciplinary graduate programs at Virginia Tech, including Geospatial and Environmental Analysis, and BioBuild.

If you are interested in working with us at the Urban Forest Ecosystems Lab, please contact Dr. Susan Day to discuss available opportunities. Application procedures vary depending upon department and interdisciplinary graduate program affiliation.